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I'm pretty broke now lol. If I get points they will be going to finally getting a premium membership--to mainly organize my page, folders and ideas in a much better way and also to give better gifts. I want to give others prizes and gifts for birthdays and holidays and just anything else.
Any support would be awesome!!All donations means a lot and will go a long ways to that goal.

thank you all very much. .:Thank you little bear:. by Chipi-Chiu

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Call me D or DJ
I'm a lover of: adventure,stories, fantasy, mysteries, discoveries,Jesus, art, love, girly and ugly/boyish things as some may say,action,music,space, nature--just not any form of bugs...especially millipedes and centipedes,I love laughter
I love to try to help others especially as I can empathize a bit.
I'm a hot mess who tries to clean that mess up and allowing Jesus to help me.

F2U - Pastel Pusheen icons (and divider) by merurupururin F2U - Pastel Pusheen icons (and divider) by merurupururin

I'm diagnosed with severe General anxiety, Social anxiety and Agoraphobia.I also have very bad cases of depression.
I literally can't function like a normal person.

F2U - LTS bears seamless patterns (and divider) by merurupururin F2U - LTS bears seamless patterns (and divider) by merurupururin

My fear of the dark and sleeping comes from trauma--night terrors, demons and haunting."She's Crazy!" some might say...but I'm not THAT crazy. I even had simultaneous sightings.I remember once a ketchup bottle slid off my table full force.
The thing is, because of my many spiritual encounters--good and bad...I was drawn to Jesus very early--on my own. I left Christianity as I grew, but now I'm back after many years.

F2U - LTS stars seamless patterns (and divider) by merurupururin F2U - LTS stars seamless patterns (and divider) by merurupururin

I hate labels but you might say I'm 'Bi.' I'm open to any changes in my life as that's the point of Christianity--any changes with my depression,temper, anxiety, heart, and yes attractions or sexuality.I don't limit God or myself with labels and fixation.
What happens, happens.;/ no biggie.

I'm not forcing anyone to do anything--because most of the time I don't care.Just stating my experience and beliefs like anyone else.

F2U - Pastel Pusheen icons (and divider) by merurupururin F2U - Pastel Pusheen icons (and divider) by merurupururin

I was nearly killed foolishly alot of times--buses, accidents, stone fish ect.I know God is looking out for me... though with my depression I often wonder why?But I'm still glad because some days are not so bad.


 *****ART CONTEST***"

Hey babes!

There are two art contest I'm about to bring to your knowledge with great prizes and characters to draw, paint whatever.

Both the people in charge of their individual contest are very dedicated to their work.They stay focused and create awesome art and comics.Their characters are just beautiful and you will have a blast drawing them.

Check out 
:iconbtw-fans: contest.
Read the story because you will be very entertained.It is an Inuyasha,Harry Potter,Winx,How to Train Your Dragon crossover with Very unique and fun o.cs along with your loved fandom characters.So go support the comic and contest.
*Deadline is May 1st*

Also,cgeck out the fabulous :iconshaygoyle: she is a talented and very creative individual.Her creativity and characters will inspire you and awake your own.She has wonderful prizes in store and it's her first contest.
*Her deadline is June 1st*

Go and show them some love and support!!

Just go on their pages and ask about the contest.The deadlines are coming up quickly!so make sure you get to work!don't miss out 
 Have a truly happy day!!!💗💖😁
Finished my first job application(resume)
I made some mistakes which were obvious like putting the wrong date!!'-'
and some others I probably did mot notice because I'm so green to this.
I just emailed it to the manager....oA0''''
so...uh...big sigh and breath of relief because I actually did it. I part of me wants the job, but my anxiety surely does not.No matter if I get in or not, there's no backing out now.
If I don't get in...which is likely...
I'll keep applying and learning more about it and developing my skills-studying on my own and volunteering.
We shall see.
36 deviations
Hey there!I'm attempting to get a job though I'm constantly doubting myself and having panic attacks regularly. Suffering with mental and emotional disorders suck and it has ruined my life completely.

So I'm really trying and challenged right now.
Anyway I've been researching a bit on resumes and thought I would share some cool stuff for those who need it.
Check out… just sign up and create creative resumes and other stuff.…

words to look up:Cover Letters, Resumes and CVs(Curriculm Vitae)
here it explains the difference between a CV and Resume… though some people use them interchangeably.
Resumes are not as detailed and long as the CV.

A CV without work experience

more stuff may come.I hope this helps us all.


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Thanks for all the favorites :) sorry that I disappear after uploading them and never respond to you lol
DiscipleDJ Featured By Owner 39 minutes ago
It's ok.😉
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Bluestar797 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
My last message sent prematurely and i can't edit it for some reason lol. But anyway, if you would, in order to join our group, we need you to send us your testimony! How God has changed your life, what led you to Christ, ect. If you would like to see examples, there's links on the homepage to all our admins testimonies. It doesn't have to be as long as ours as your story with God could  be a paragraph or a novel depending on time and such. Everybody is different! Anyway, thank you for your interest and God bless! ^^
DiscipleDJ Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017
Oh I see.
I'm thinking about writing a short book on it.But for now I'll make it succinct.
Would you prefer a deviation or just a reply to this comment with the testimony?
Bluestar797 Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Sup DJ? ^^ This is the Founder of :icontake-up-your-cross:
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Oh hey
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